Mother and author

Charlene is an author and illustrator. She is a mom of two and is continuously inspired by the adventures of her family. Born and raised in the Philippines, Charlene currently resides in New York City.


Bibo Bunny

A Children’s Book About Self Management and Emotional Regulation, Emotion and Big Feelings

Bibo Bunny Keeps His Cool

One day while Bibo Bunny was in school, things did not go according to his plans. Can he overcome his big feelings with a little bit of determination and resiliency?

This Bibo Bunny book:

  • Gives kids different techniques to cope with their feelings and emotions
  • Teaches kids that the mind is a powerful tool in managing their reactions
  • Helps kids learn about self management in relatable situations
  • Contains thoughtfully written rhymes and beautifully drawn illustrations

Bibo Bunny Stays Up All Night


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